The Haunted Road was designed with two goals in mind – to keep the screams going this Halloween season, while also keeping our staff, crew, and guests safe. The event was created with the recommended health guidelines in mind, focusing on a completely contactless experience from the moment you arrive.  

Road Safety


  • As you will be driving from scene to scene, all cars must be placed in park in order to experience the scares. While there might be minimal set pieces as you drive from scene to scene, there will be no scares, actors or staff approaching the cars while driving from one location to the next.

  • The speed limit will be set at 5 mph.

  • For everyone’s safety, all guests must remain in their cars for the duration of the experience and won’t be allowed out of the vehicle. 

  • All cars are required to have current car insurance and driver will be responsible for any damage and injuries that may occur, due to the fault of the driver, staff, performers, or anyone else.

Are we required to wear masks even inside the car?

Following CDC guidelines, it is required that everyone wears a face covering. All performers and staff will be wearing face masks at all times. For the safety and respect of our performers, if you have your windows down you must have a face mask on. The Haunted Road themed facemask is available for purchase with your ticket or you can wear your own.

Is there a limit to the number of guests per vehicle?

All guests must have a seat and seatbelt in order to enter The Haunted Road.

Is there a restriction on the type of vehicle allowed?

For everyone’s safety, no motorcycles, limos, scooters, oversized vehicles, monster trucks or bikes will be permitted. Dimension restrictions for cars- no cars taller than 7.5 feet and no wider than 8.5 feet. 

What precautions/health guidelines are you taking for the performers and staff?

The safety of our guests, performers and staff are our top priority, so we’ve designed this entire experience with the current health guidelines in mind. Below are the measures we’re taking:

  • Performers and staff will wear masks while on-site. You’ll notice that we’ve cleverly integrated face masks into our actors’ costumes in an effort to keep them safe, while still being in character at all times. Frequent hand sanitizing will be required.

  • Our team will social distance from each other at all times and rehearsals will happen virtually or outdoors.

  • Prior to entry, all staff will be subject to temperature checks. 

  • COVID-19 related protocols will be intertwined into all operations.